Check out this new winter sport - Hangboarding. Looks great!

Record Sleeve Illusions

Some photos of record sleeve illusions. Some of these are pretty good!

Massive Wooden Piano

Pictures of a massive wooden Piano on a beach. Not sure of the location.

Dogs With Wigs

Some great pictures of dogs with wigs.

Owner And Pet Lookalikes

The winners of an 'Owner looking like pet' contest.

Bubblegum Sculptures

Some cool looking sculptures crafted from nothing but bubblegum.

Graffiti Art

Some really cool graffiti designs utilizing the environment that they are showcased on.

Nail Art

Following on from the art theme, this is just amazing. I bet most people couldn't do this with pencils, paints etc. nevermind a hammer and nails.

Egg Art

Egg art. It must take some patience to create art like this! One small slip and it's gone.

Dollar Cafe

A cool cafe decorated in dollars! Not sure where it is or how many dollars are there.

Egg Art

Amazing banknote art made from eggs!

DIY Notebook

A home made DIY notebook made from wood!

Giant Rubber Duck

A set of pictures showing a massive rubber duck! Not sure of the story behind it.

Upside Down Room

A great set of photos showing a group of people who turned their room upside down.

Precarious Runways

Some amazing photos of small precarious runways from around the world. I certainly would not like to land on any of them!

High Speed Bullet

Some cool high speed pictures showing a bullet ripping through various objects.

Mini City

Some cool pictures of model cities.

Cargo Problems

Not sure of the story behind this but I certainly would not like to be the persons to fix this mess or tell the boss!

Big Fish

A pretty large fish!

Chicken Suits

Some funny pictures of chickens dressed up in costumes.

Worlds Largest Chocolate Fountain

The biggest choclate fountain ever. This 27 foot high fountain designed by Jean-Philippe is the largest chocolate fountain in the world. The fountain circulates 2100 pounds of chocolate at 120 quarts/minute. It can be found in the Bellagio, Las Vegas.

Worlds Longest Hotdog

One long hotdog! I am pretty sure this must be a world record holder.

Rock Balancing

Pictures showing some great rock balancing skills.

Not sure of the story behind this or who the rock balancing guy is but it is quite impressive nonetheless.

Notre Dam in HDR

Some amazing photos of Notre Dam / Paris shot using the HDR technique. If you don't know what HDR is then check out the Wikipedia article here.

Car on Wooden Chair

Amazing concept art showing a car on a giant wooden chair.

Tuna Fish Slaughter

Some pictures showing the absolute slaughter of a whole load of tuna fish.

Gingerbread PC

A PC motherboard and components made out of gingerbread.

Underwater Art Concept

Not sure of the background story behind this but a cool concept regardless.

Multiple Motorcycle Crash

Photos showing a massive motorcycle crash.

Mean Truck

A mean looking truck.