The Brian Peppers Collection

Some great photochops of Brian Peppers sourced from multiples sites including Ebaums World.

If you have been hiding under a rock and don't know who Brian Peppers is; or you do not believe he is real then check out this Snopes article on him.

My favorite is the image below showing Peppers as a Viet Cong officer.

i bet the nurse was hot like

i bet the nurse was hot like all those babes in the utube gifs he shows up in. no wonder he groped her (!).

woooow you people are dumb.

okay so i have a proposition for you guys,

you have a child and then brian peppers rapes them, but you still consider brian peppers an innocent guy with a disability, righttt?


he is some sick bitch that just took advantage of your child.
dont pity him hes gross, he just looks a little different doing what he does.
and actually he just looks a little different in general.

thats it,
and you guys are really dumb.

Wheelchair Bound Child Molester? Absurd.

Brian Peppers grabbed a nurse's boobs in the sources I've read.

well u all are jerks he has

well u all are jerks he has a disability so deal with it get him HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too funny! dear person a

Too funny!
dear person a few comments below, stop being so high and mighty and shut up, i dont care if you have qualms and i don't think anyone else does.

This is hilarious.

This is hilarious.


I don't see how people find humor in this. He's in a wheelchair and yeah he may look a little different than other people but that's no reson to make fun of him. He's had a hard life and you people don't need to go cause more trouble. Everyone was created equal and if you don't want people to make fun of you then don't go making fun of him. It's not funny. You people need to grow up and learn to be nicer to other people. He may be a sex offender but he's still human just like you and I. You should think about his feelings, how would you feel if someone started posting rude pictures that just make fun of you? Would you like it? I know I wouldn't, I don't think anyone would.


"he's still human just like you and I"

Ummm, I don't know about you there friend, but this guy is nothing like me. Gross. Not just because his eyes look like a spooky cartoon character, but because he is a SO. Get this guy outta here!

your a dumbass for saying

your a dumbass for saying this, he is a RAPIST!
your probably as ugly as him lol

Dear Dumb Twat:

What did you just say? He may be a child molester but he has feelings like you and I????

Well you silly water head, I hope you have a baby, and I hope brian peppers fucks it.

With his feelings. Fucks it with feelings. :)


Get your facts. He

Get your facts. He allegedly groped a nurse. Thats hardly fucking babies you tard. Youre even worse looking than Peppers on your insides.


u sad mofos he looks lyk a gypsy why cry over a pervert?

Man, you guys need to leave

Man, you guys need to leave this poor guy the hell alone. He's in a wheelchair, He has a disease thats left his face deformed, and he lives in a old age home because he can't take of himself.I found this pic early on today and laughed my ass off, I thought it was funny. But, as I read a little more about the story I started to feel a little guilty.
Upon a little more serching, I seen countless spoofs on this guy;T-shirts, altered pics, movies, and by the end of it I was actually a little pissed off. This guy was charged for fondling a breast, and this is what he gets? Go out to a club on the weekend, worse shit happens in the first hour there and nobody says anything. Seriously, if you've actually read in to the whole story and don't feel a little bad for this guy your soul is dog shit. This guy has enough
hardships in his life already without being ridiculed like this, And not so much for the charge, but because of his looks. Seriously people this guy does not deserve this!


this picure is fake because brian you may not no is WHEELCHAIR BOUND!!

Dude, DUH!!!! It's a picture

DUH!!!! It's a picture of during the Vietnam war with that freaks head transposed on it. You sure do sound like a smart one.


What is this world coming to? there is nothing fully about this picture whatsoever.



Does this picture suggest to

Does this picture suggest to kill all handicapped people like the fascists did in Nazi-Germany? Interesting and disturbing to see that this is now considered humor by today's youth...

dude not only does he look

dude not only does he look like that but he is a convicted sex offender he just has facial abnormalites and i think it is ok to make fun of sex offenders.

Yeah, I'm sure there was a

Yeah, I'm sure there was a neo nazi aiming to promote the final solution while editing all of these pictures in photoshop. That's his secret plan.

How else can you see humor

How else can you see humor in that image if you're not derogatory towards disabled people?


Brian Peppers,

The 2nd grade. You tried to listen to your mommy when she told you to smile when they take your picture today, "Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse".

You're scaring the living shit out of people.
(It's like they're all back on the playground.)

Some dark grey elementary school yard
where you waited for mommy, and peed a little in your pants because you thought she wasn't coming.

You felt really scared when you couldn't see your teacher. When everyone went outside and the other kids were just running around, you saw their mommies come and get them.
You tried hard not to cry.

Try to think of the warm feeling when mommy makes you something to eat when you get home, and you can watch cartoons, and maybe daddy had a surprise for you. Sometimes he would bring something home like a ball. One time he brought home a real mouse.

The police had to use a van because of your wheelchair. Remember in 2nd grade, you remembered to smile.

Omg, you guys are so mean.

Omg, you guys are so mean. He's in a wheelchair and lives in a nursing home.

thats just toooooooooo

thats just toooooooooo funny!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD

Good God! Brian Peppers

Good God! Brian Peppers really looks like shit, huh? Don't forget to celebrate Brian Peppers Day on February 21st.