Laptop Paint Designs

Some cool laptop paint designs.

Hot Air Baloons

Some great hot air baloon creations!

Tunnel House

A house is made to look like there is a tunnel going through it. Amazing!

Swimming Tiger

Some great pictures of a tiger underwater. Who said cats were afraid of water?

Shark Building

Some pictures of a large shark on the side of a building. This has creaated the effect which looks like the shark has actually came out the building.

Massive Machines

Some pictures of massive machinery.

Look out for the digger which has been eaten up by a machine known as a trencher.


Not quite sure of the story around these pictures but that is one hell of a lot of crosses.

Cake Creations

Photos of some amazing cake creations.

Giant Beer Can

I wouldn't mind bringing a six pack of these bad boys to my next party!

Animal Hand Art

Amazing animal hand art!

Miniature Objects

Amazing photos of a miniature objects.

Not quite as small as these Microscopic Sculptures but impressive nonetheless.

Check them out!

Plate and Towel

Chewing Gum Wall

Amazing photos of a chewing gum wall in Seattle, USA.

Take a look at the chewing gum wikipedia page for amazing facts.

Glass floors

Great pictures of glass floors. Vertigo sufferers beware!

Don't fall asleep at the party

Don't fall asleep at the party! Some photos may be considered slightly NSFW.

Microscopic Sculpture

Willard Wigan (born 1957) is an internationally known sculptor from Birmingham, England.

He is the creator of the world's smallest sculptures, often taking months to complete one, working between heartbeats to avoid hand tremors. Wigan uses a tiny surgical blade to carve his microscopic figures out of rice, grains of sand and sugar, which are then mounted on pinheads.

Learn more at Willard's wikipedia page.

Statue Of Liberty

The Brian Peppers Collection

Some great photochops of Brian Peppers sourced from multiples sites including Ebaums World.

If you have been hiding under a rock and don't know who Brian Peppers is; or you do not believe he is real then check out this Snopes article on him.

My favorite is the image below showing Peppers as a Viet Cong officer.

The Burger King

Some great photochops of the Burger King, again from the people at SomethingAwful, the best forums on the net bar none!

Cool Transformers Creations

Checkout some of these great Transformers conceptual ideas from the people at SomethingAwful - Indexed here to save you having to trawl through the original forum thread.